SAY Film

On the morning of the 1st of April, a group of students traveled to Stutterheim to join the SAY Film crew.

It was a very enlightening experience for us. We got to see what goes into making a movie. We were divided into roles such as Directing, Producing, Camera, Script Supervisor, Sound, Lighting and Clapper Board operating.

Through these roles we were able to see what is expected from us on the day of filming.

SAY Film

This was a life changing experience which really broadened our knowledge of filming.

Our story (written by Lindsey Cock) is about an orphan, Tammy, who is adopted by a married couple, Tod and Amy. Tammy does not like her real parents, because they abandoned her. Later in the story she hears that they were in a car accident. She has to decide if she wants to go see them or not.

This article was written by: Ziyabukwa Mankabane, Lindsey Cock and Sibabalo Nombewu


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