Joe Gqabi Prize giving ceremony

Educators and learners of the Lady Grey Arts Academy were awarded several prizes at the prizegiving ceremony of the Joe Gqabi district that took place on 25 March at Barkly East.

Allen Hendy, Buch Sekhobo, Johan Hattingh, Marquin Sharneck, Sakhile Belle, Viljoen Mathee

The Academy received recognition for the 12 Dance A aggregates, the 5 Drama A aggregates, highest in the district for Drama, Dance, Design, Music and Visual Art. Asekona Gila received a tablet and a certificate for the highest mark in The Aliwal North CMC for Dance and a certificate for achieving the 3rd highest mark in the District for a subject.

Music – Karen Vorster, Luyanda Khumalo, Mariëtte Pitout, Marilena Jordaan

Congratulations to all the educators, parents and learners. You made

Dramatic Arts – Johan Hattingh
Dance Studies – Marquin Sharneck
Design – Sakhile Belle

us proud.

Dramatic Arts – Bunch Sekobo
Visual Art – Viljoen Mathee
Hospitality – Allen Hendy

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