Design Studies

Design is a creative problem-solving process and includes the study of both design practice and design theory. The design process involves problem identification, planning, research, innovation, conceptualisation, experimentation and critical reflection.

This process typically results in new environments, systems, services and products, which may be unique or intended for mass production, or which may be constructed by hand or produced by mechanical and/or electronic means.

[read more="Read more" less="Read less"]Design adds value to life by creating products that have a purpose, that are functional and that have aesthetic value. Design products can shape the social, cultural and physical environment to the benefit of the nation.

Most importantly, Design equips learners with crucial life skills such as visual literacy, critical and creative thinking, self-discipline, and leadership. It also encourages learners to be resourceful and entrepreneurial, to strategise and to be team players.

In Grades 10 to 12, Design learners will

  • develop their ability to analyse, invent, innovate and construct visual language
  • develop knowledge, technical abilities and skills in the conceptualisation, production and context of design
  • explore and manipulate materials, processes and techniques efficiently, economically, safely and responsibly
  • appraise their own work and that of others critically
  • understand that design may be a tool for social change by improving the quality of life and providing solutions in response to individual and community needs
  • understand the social and historical contribution of design with regard to economic growth, entrepreneurship and sustainability
  • develop an awareness of career opportunities in the design industry
  • manage their own working process and time effectively
  • develop presentation and communication skills in order to convey design concepts accurately
  • acknowledge and reflect on the design, art and craft of local and international and past and present cultures

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