Bandura Express at Passion Play 2015

Bandura Express at Passion Play 2015

The Bandura Express Marimba Ensemble of the Potchefstroom University was founded by former postgraduate student, Mr. Charles, a Zimbabwean. As a student ensemble the membership changes from year to year with the influx of new students every year. Since 2014, the current leader, Tieho Mpeisa, a BA (Music and Society) student has proceeded to take the group from strength to strength.

This ensemble is now the most popular ensemble in the entire School of Music. Their repertoire is wide and varied with many original compositions from Tieho and other members of the ensemble.

This year Lady Grey is honoured to welcome the Bandura Express Ensemble as part of the cast of Passion Play 2015. Their performances promise to be a thrilling experience. The addition of this ensemble will lend diversity to the musical element in the play.

This year the Passion Play offers something for every taste. Do not miss out on this wonderful opportunity to listen to a world class marimba band as they form part of this production that aims at spreading the Easter Message.

Come see, come listen, come experience and be amazed!

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