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15 thoughts on “school fees

  • mrs Zweni

    my son is currently in grade 2..and I would love for him to come and do his intermediate phase at your school..
    what is your fee structure
    what are your intake requirements
    when do I apply
    on the academic side what do you offer
    please kindly repond to my enquiry as I am very much interested in your school..

  • Kennedy Tofi

    I am an educator in East London my child is currently doing grade 7 at Gearge Randel Primary. She is fond of Art, update me with your fee structure and application details for 2017

  • Pindiwe Yengeni

    My son is doing grade 5 in Alice Lovedale Primary and is very fond of art (especially drawing) and I would love to grant him an opportunity of developing his art skill further and broader. I feel that his current school is not developing his passion for art and therefore would like a place for my son in your school and a fee structure provision would assist me a lot in drawing up my budget.


  • Mr L. Arosi

    I am Mr Arosi from Queenstown
    My son is doing grade 9 at Hagklip high school and I would love for him to come and do art at your school.
    I would like to find out about your fee structure.

    • LGAA Post author

      Thank you Mr Arosi for your enquiry. The school fees are outlined here. An open day is scheduled for the 19th of August. You can find the application forms here.

  • Emma Temba

    I was doing grade12 at St Patricks Senior Secondary School, but I got ill in July so I had to stop going to school. Now I love art so much also I would love to know the fee of your school because next year I’d love to be a member.

    • LGAA Post author

      Hi Emma, we do not accept grade 12’s, but you are welcome to apply for grade 11 for 2018. Application forms can be found on the school’s website.

  • Musawenkosi Spelman

    I want my kids to do art they will be starting grade 1 and 4 respectively and I would like to know your fee structure for 2019, as I imagine it is too late for them to come this year. Including boarding

  • Ms Q.Elijah

    Good evening I would like to know about the hostel fees for the whole year.My son is currently doing GradeR this year so I would like him to attend Grade 1 next year at your school so can you please send me the hostel fees and also the school fees for next year.thank you