Lady Grey Arts Academy Highlights

Throughout this term we, as a school, experienced both bad and good. Unfortunately, our principal Mrs. Prinsloo had to undergo knee surgery. She is recovering well and would like to thank everyone for their messages and support throughout these difficult times. We, as LGAA, also had to close down for a few days. For the first time Mister Covid hit us hard and we had some time to recover and prepare for the examinations.

Highlights of this term must be miss Marcelle (Nomathansanqa) Botha was elected as the Chairperson for the Luncedo CMC athletics structure. Marcelle is a well-known face in the sporting community and we are proud to announce that she was chosen as Vice Chairman for High Schools in the Eastern Cape Schools Athletics Structure and Joe Gqabi district. She studied at the University of the Free State and joined the Lady Grey Arts Academy in 2015. Currently, she teaches Mathematics to grade 7 and 8’s, Life Orientation for the grade 9’s and Life Sciences from grade 10 to 12. Marcelle’s love for sport started at school as she was part of the Free State Athletics team for Discus.
Her dedication and commitment towards the learners, education and sports is visible in every task given to her.

Marcelle Botha

Our FET Phase English Home Language teacher, Michanda Rheeder, completed her PGCE specialising in Senior Phase Mathematics and FET Phase Life Sciences, along with Sign Language and English as subjects, with 7 distinctions. Michanda has now been working at LGAA for a year. In 2020, she completed her first BA degree in Dramatic and Theatre Arts, specialising in Theatre Technical and Design at the University of the Free State. Her passion for the languages and literature can clearly been seen in the quality of the work she produces. Michanda is also involved in the ATKV, acting as the chairperson of the LGAA Youth Branch. At the beginning of 2022, she also completed her TEFL course and is now registered as a teacher to foreign students.

Michanda Rheeder

We congratulate these teachers for achieving so much in their careers, managing to teach with a smile every day and love of their professions. We are privileged to have them here at Lady Grey Arts Academy.

We, as the Arts Academy, would also like to inform all parents and guardians that applications are now open to join the Lady Grey Arts Academy where the students can excel in the arts. Please go to the following link,, to apply online or phone our friendly secretaries at 051 603 0046. The date of our open day is Saturday 30 July 2022 at 09:00. We are looking forward to meet our new students.

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