KiddzPAS ambassadors excursion to Emerald Casino

On the 17 th until the 19 th of June 2022, Lady Grey Arts Academy’s KiddzPAS ambassadors went on an excursion to the Emerald Casino and Resort. In 2021, Lady Grey Arts Academy started a partnership with KiddzPAS with the objective of creating new pathways for the future of our students. KiddzPAS has an agency department where they place members with Casting Directors for auditions when opportunities arise. Since 2021, as part of its exposure program, KiddzPAS hosts a Public Screening outdoors (Open Air) and it is called “KiddzPAS Film Picnic”. Here they normally screen appropriate films and invite families and friends to join in. In 2021, they hosted it in East London and another one in Johannesburg.

This year the KiddzPAS Film Picnic was hosted at the Emerald Casino Water Park (Aqua Dome and Game Lodge) in Vereeniging. This is where the Outdoor public screening took place as well as an excursion to the Game Drive and Water Park.

This was indeed a life-changing experience for the students of Lady Grey Arts Academy. Students got to learn how to survive outdoor life through camping, setting up the camp themselves and engaging with the wildlife on a hands-on basis. Such excursions are meant for legends and we hope that the future holds more of these amazing opportunities. Learning at the Lady Grey Arts Academy is indeed an art.

We want to thank Mr Bunch Sekhobo and Ms Jamie-Lee Fortuin who accompanied our students.

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