Lady Grey kunste-akademie neem deel aan “sing in harmonie” “Sing in Harmonie”, aangebnied deur Kyknet, is tans die grootste skoolkoor kompetisie in Suid-Afrika, gemeet aan TV blootstelling, pryspakette en die aantal inskrywings.  Dit is die eerste skole koor kompetisie in sy soort wat vir skole regoor Suid-Afrika die kans bied […]

Sing in Harmonie

MUSICVILLE takes you on an adventure with Maiden Melody and Radical Rhythm as they attempt to save their town from the Sorcerer of Silence. On their quest to the Castle of Composition, they pass through the Desert of Doo-wop, the Ocean of Opera, and the Terrible Terrain of Tango meeting […]


While scholars across the country enjoyed the last few days of the summer holidays, 18 of our school and hostel prefects attended a leadership development camp at Breakaway Trails, Rouxville, Free State. In very hot weather conditions, conquering snakes and scorpions, these learners equipped themselves with valuable “tools” to tackle the […]

LGAA Leadership camp