2020 Matric results for Lady Grey Arts Academy

Lady Grey Arts Academy is proud to announce that during the 2020 final examination for matriculants, 31% of the learners passed with a bachelor’s degree endorsement and 18 subject distinctions were obtained.

Mr Marquin Scharneck has been an educator at Lady Grey Arts Academy for ten years and his passion for his work can be seen in his excellent results. Twelve of his dance students received distinctions, and he achieved a 100% pass rate. His top achiever is Asekhona Gila who achieved 93% for dance, followed by Zenande Zondi who achieved 90%.

Mr. Johan Hattingh and Mr. Bunch Sekhobo our well-known drama teachers, received a 100% pass rate.  Five of their students received distinctions and Tharabollo Jennings was the top achiever with 85%.

Ms. Sakhile Belle, who delves into her passion through design, achieved a 100% pass rate and one distinction. Tracy Cock is the top achiever in design, and achieved 85%.

The overall top achievers are Tharabollo Jennings and Toka Mtabane with an average of 67,9%; followed by Samuella Rankin with an average of 66,4%.

Congratulations to the teachers and learners of the following subjects who also had a 100% pass rate: English First Additional Language, Life Orientation, Accounting, CAT, Life Sciences, Hospitality, Physical Sciences, Tourism, Visual Arts and Music.

Lady Grey Arts Academy is proud of all the matriculants and their teachers who worked so hard during the difficult year of 2020. We wish the Class of 2020 all the best for the future.




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